About Us




Our target is the production of items, that are more efficient and comfortable, to give to our clients a gratifying feeling of confidence. However, we also take pride in giving our partners a service that is always more appropriate to the changing demand of the market, in terms of product quality and efficiency, on the management of the orders.

The Silverpharma products are simple solutions to minor issues so that you can avoid those awkward conversations when your minor problem becomes harmful.



SILVERPHARMA is a young Italian company that started in 2011 by taking a risk through production of our innovative products, which will be appreciated in the market.

We pride ourselves on our devotion to research and development of our products in order to obtain an effective and innovative product. This commitment is shown by the technology demonstrated in NANOSILVER, which has been used in many productive fields.

Reliability, professionalism and expertise are SILVERPHARMA.

Silverpharma is part of Gruppo Femar